Spirit Store Items Are Available For Pre-order!!!

Our MAT PTSO Spirit Shirts, Parent Shirts, Backpacks, Magnets, Stylus Pens, Ear Buds & Shopping Bags are now available to pre-order online before Orientation, to be picked up quickly at Orientation in a special line.

Our Spirit Shirts and Parent Shirts are only $10!!! Don’t miss out!

Complete your orders and PTSO membership today under the “shop” tab. If you preorder, look for the separate line at Orientation for quick and easy pick up 😊

New Wildcat Spirit Shirts
YXL-AXL $10, 2X & 3X $14

Classic “M” Navy Spirit Shirt
YL-AXL $10, 2X & 3X $14

Classic “M” Gray Spirit Shirt
YL-AXL $10, 2X-3X $14

Parent Bundle
1 Tote Bag, 1 Car Magnet & 1 Stylus Pen
$8 ($2 Savings!)

New Drawstring Backpacks

New Earbuds
New Parent Shirts
S-XL $10, 2X & 3X $14

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