🎉Our Next Box Tops & Tyson Chicken Labels Collection Has Begun!!! Our First Week’s Results🎉

We know you are anxiously waiting to turn in your Box Tops & Tyson Chicken Project A+ Labels you have been collecting over the holidays. Your wait is over! Our next collection has begun!

This first week had only one person donate! One!?!? Where are yours? A big thank you to Ms. Caram-Andruet!!! You are this week’s weekly drawing winner and in the lead for the Staff Contest!!!

Will Ms. Stacey’s Homeroom class again win the doughnut breakfast for bringing the most labels? Or, is their another class just hungry for victory?

Will Ms. Caram-Andruet be our staff winner?

Anyone can win! Ask your neighbors, relatives and friends for theirs to turn in also!

There are many prizes to be won and both students and staff can qualify for our Spirit Shirt Pass or Spirit Shirt & Jeans Passes!

Please turn yours into your Homeroom Teacher or the Office TODAY!!!! They are due by 2/22/19!!! Remember, expired ones don’t count and the Campbell’s program has ended.

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