Our Box Tops For Education & Tyson Chicken Project A+ Labels Collection Begins Monday, 10/1/18!

We know you have been collecting your Box Tops For Education & Tyson Chicken Labels all summer and now is the time to turn them in and get rewarded for your efforts!

McKeel Students & Staff- starting Monday, October 1st-26th, 2018, please turn all you have collected into the Office or to your Homeroom Teacher in a bag with the Student’s name & Homeroom Teacher or Staff Member’s name clearly marked.

There are amazing prizes to be won! New this year… there will be a weekly drawing for a $5 Spirit Store gift certificate, so the sooner you turn yours in, the more chances you have to win! We have all those amazing new Spirit Shirts you could choose from or other awesome items! Also, the Student & Staff Member who turn in the most will receive an awesome prize! We will continue providing yummy doughnuts to the Homeroom that turns in the most. Will it be your Homeroom? Each Student & Staff Member turning in 40+ will still get a free Spirit Shirt Pass or if you turn in 50+ you will get a free Spirit Shirt & Jeans Pass to be used on the designated day.

Please don’t wait and turn yours in today! Thank you for your support & keep clipping!

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